I'm Working On Building My Faith And Relationship With The A

I'm working on building my faith and relationship with the Almighty. No is perfect, but God. Wasn't Jesus persecuted because a lot of people thought he was blasphemous? He is the walking truth, and God is working through Tb Joshua. I advice you to review numerous testimonies to strengthen your faith. I really have come a long way with my faith because I have been watching this online or on television for about a year now. I know my bond with God has strengthen by only watching this ministry. Also, I think you need deliverance and what makes you think this is fake?

Comment On: No Man Can Resist My Body - SATANIC SE*DUCTION - Video

no man can resist my body  - satanic se*duction - video When Miss Princess Obasi walked down the streets, little did the men who were attracted to her body know that a demon from hell was behind her seductive movement. Here is her deliverance and eye-opening confession at The SCOAN Only God will Help us. All these beautiful girls you see on the...

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