Refused To Catch Fire Till He Got This Rock Hard Natural Solution – As He Pulled Off Her undies From Her warm body, His Cucumber

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Refused To Catch Fire Till He Got This Rock Hard Natural Solution – As He Pulled Off Her undies From Her warm body, His Cucumber

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It Was A Bright Sensationally Sunny Day. One Of Those Days That The Hellish African Sun Made One Feel Like Roast Chicken In An Earth Look Alike Oven was Feeling And Looking Browner Than Burnt Toast And More Tanned Than A Caucasian On Miami Beach At The Peak Of Summer.


Ordinarily She Was Drop Dead Gorgeous And A Slayer Par Excellence. Actually A Super Slayer Quite Good At Murdering The S*e*xually Weak Male Gender Left, Right And Centre With Her Beauty And Body Over And Over Again.


The Biceps And Sometimes Pot Belly Filled Descendants Of Adam Couldn’t Help Themselves As They Continually Perceived Her Irresistible Charm And Fabulous Feminine Features.


Fair And Beautiful With Light Golden Skin That Attracted Stares And So Much Attention From Men And Women Alike But On This Particular Day, The Tan Had Gotten The Better Of Her. She Was Used To Those Frequent Overbearing Looks Of Both Envy And Admiration In An Unholy One Sided Mix .


As She Stepped Out Of Her Lekki Home, The Heavenly Rays Reflected Off Her Most Beautiful Eyes Revealing A Sensational Sparkle That Was Hard To Miss. Her Eyes Had An Innocence Unlike Any Other, Crystal Clear Orbits, Easy To Fall In Love With.


She Was In Her Mid 20s, A Medical Doctor Who Had Just Completed Her National Service.

It Was Lagos, Nigeria Over A Decade Into The New Millennium And Africa’s Big Apple Was Bubbling With Life.


The City Was Virtually Invaded With A Voracious Vigorous Vibe, With Occasional Pockets Of Violence, A Vibrant Force So Fierce With Young Energy Never Seen Anywhere Else On The Continent

Her Lips Were Ravishing Red And Dangerous . Her Figure Full And Curvy. She Made Men Drool, Sometimes Stool.


They Dreamt About Her, Worshiped Her In Private And Swarmed After Her In Public Like Flies On A Stick Of Suya And Bees Getting High In The Hive.

And Boy! Did She Dress To Kill. Her Fashion Sense Was Quite Exquisite Compared To The Average Middle Class Professional Lagosian . A Super Slay Queen Par Excellence. Always Killing Them Softly.


When She Walked , Her Hour Glass Figure Was Enchanting. Her Heavy Humongous Hips Swayed Gracefully From Side To Side . Most Times They Danced With Reckless Abandon That Guys Lost It. So Graceful , Elegant And Desire Provoking, They Thought

Damn! She’s S*e*xy As Hell!! Others Exclaimed

Lagos Guys Can Chyke…She Thought, They Fit Lie For Africa

She Giggled Silently As She Recalled Previous Toasting Episodes.

Babe , You Are My Love, My Life, Without You I No Fit Breathe Said A Skinny Immunodeficient Looking Guy With Lizard Like Skin One Time


Rich Guys And Pastors Made Her Laugh The Most.

Her Neighbor, John Had Been Trying His Luck For Half A Decade.

Babe , You Don’t Know What You Are Missing


I Am An Importer, Exporter , Manufacturer, Distributor , Recycler Of Special Spare Parts. I Will Buy You Any Machine Of Your Choice And Place You On Salary Of 1 Million A Month. Just Be Mine Babe….?

Do You Deal In Human Spare Parts?, Sandra Asked One Day, Smiling Mischeviously


No! Babe. We Do Cleean Business.

My Father Has The Biggest Shops In Alaba, Ladipo, Trade Fair, Iweka Road And Ariaria. I Will Take You To Dubai Every Month.

Really She Thought. Dubai Ko…. Kuwait And Saudi Ni…


Once She Decided To Play Along… Can You Buy A Porsch Panarama For Me And A Lincoln Lamborgini For My Dad. They Both Cost 100 Million Dollars.

“Chineeke!” Screamed John, 100 Million What?

Needless To Say, That Was The Last He Called.


Her Pastor Friend, Pastor Tim Two Days Later Minced No Words When He Told Her While His Hand Vibrated On His Table As If Under A Trance, Held Spellbound By The Holy Ghost..

The Lord Said That You Should Be Mine…. Hmmmm. He Moaned Slowly, Aggressively,

I Can Feel Him In My Spirit. You Have Been Conscripted By The Holy Ghost To Join This Commission As My First Lady And Mummy Of The House


Me, Mummy To People Thrice My Age? She Taught Sheepishly

“Let Me Think About It” She Said Meaning To Say A Big Fat No

The Lord Said You Should Say “Yes”,

Don’t Halt The Move Of The Spirit” He Replied While He Seemed To Be Drowning In The Anointing

She Never Picked His Calls After That.


Thank God I Succeeded With This Beautiful Damsel

And Won Her Heart Forever Like In A Fairy Tale

She Agreed To Be Mine After Months Of Toasting

Was A Dream Come True When Sandra Said Yes To Me

Our Marriage Was Fixed For November In Lagos


Was So Excited When I Met Her For Dinner

This Weekend, So Ripe For Lovers

Love Was In The Air, You Could Almost Feel It

We Hugged, Kissed As The Night Grew Hotter


Back At Her Apartment

As I Pulled Off Her Underwear From Her HOT Body

My P*e*nis Refused To Catch Fire

It Remained Limp, Smaller Than My Little Finger


I Later Released After One Minute

My Fiancée Looked At Me With Disgust After That

She Threatened To Leave Me

Since I Couldn’t Satisfy Her CRAZY Urges


I Became Desperate

Tried Everything And Anything

Just To Keep My Angel

Nothing Worked!


Till I Came Across This 100% Natural Solution



Made Me Huge And Hard For Over 40 Minutes

It Saved My Relationship And I Now Satisfy My Woman



My Girl And I Will Say I Do Very Soon

Thanks To This Legendary Miraculous Product



Makes Your Tiny Cucumber To Become A Mighty Cocoyam


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Refused To Catch Fire Till He Got This Rock Hard Natural Solution – As He Pulled Off Her undies From Her warm body, His Cucumber

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