His Threat To Shock Tinubu – Abraham - Ondo APC Number One: Akeredolu Made Good


His Threat To Shock Tinubu – Abraham - Ondo APC Number One: Akeredolu Made Good Dayo Johnson, Akure in place of bog down, The crisis in the competition All Progressives Congress,  APC, In  Ondo State Over the choice Of Its  Candidate beforehand Of The November 26 Governorship Election inside the State Has Deepened  2 Months To The poll. one Of the key players and The first Runner Up inside the Election, Dr Olusegun Abraham, in this Interview, Bares  His thoughts at th

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Dayo Johnson, Akure
RATHER Than Abate, The Crisis In The Opposition All Progressives Congress,  APC, In  Ondo State Over The Choice Of Its  Candidate Ahead Of The November 26 Governorship Election In The State Has Deepened  Two Months To The Poll. One Of The Key Players And The First Runner Up In The Election, Dr Olusegun Abraham, In This Interview, Bares  His Mind On The Crisis And How Alleged  injustice And Corruption Came Into Play In The Choice Of The Party’s Candidate.

You Keep Insisting That You Want To  Retrieve Your Mandate. How Is This Still Possible Going By The Reality On Ground Now?

The Mandate Is The Mandate Of The Good People Of Ondo State, Given To Me By The Delegates; So It Is The Mandate Of These People That  I Want To Claim. I Have Said It Severally That We Have Some Steps That We Need To Explore To Restore This Mandate And We Have Only Explored One Step And We Are Disappointed With The Outcome, So We Are Moving To  The Two Other Steps In Order To Claim The  Mandate.

Olusegun Abraham
Olusegun Abraham

Fortunately, The Issue Is Now A Public Matter And The Whole World Has Seen That  Injustice  Was Committed By Some People In  The APC At The National Level. This Is A  Big Mistake On The Part Of Those Who Injected Names Of Non-delegates And Non-party Members Into Our Voting List.

We Want To Know Who Injected Those Names, And  On Whose Authority The Names Were Injected? Are They Superior To The Congress Of The Party And The  Election Panel?

We Want To Know What The National Chairman Of The Party, John Oyegun,  And Other Leaders Around Him Have Done If They Are Not The Ones Who  Put The Names On The List Illegally. Has He Informed The EFCC To Investigate The Matter Because This Is A  Criminal Offence? If President Buhari’s Government Truly Represents Change, And Fighting Corruption, This Electoral Fraud Must Be Properly Investigated And The Culprits Punished. Otherwise, I Don’t Think This Government Has Any Right Or Moral Justification To Arrest Anybody For Fraud .

This Is One Of The Reasons  I Said I’m Not Going To Leave The Party, We Will Be Here In Order To Salvage The Party. I Support The Buhari  Government In Fighting Corruption And I’m Sure This Menace Will Be Brought Down To Minimal Level If Not Eradicated In Our Land And, Therefore, If There Are  Elements, Either In Government Or Party, Trying To Encourage Corruption, This Should Be Part Of The Things We Must Fight And Correct.

Are You Not Fantasizing About You Supposed “stolen Mandate”?  How Do You Think This Is Possible After The Party Has Submitted The Name Of Akeredolu As Its Candidate?

I Am Not Fantasizing. Those Who Did Not Support The Candidature Of Akeredolu Are More Than Those Who Supported Him. It Is High Time To Fight This  (alleged) Corruption.

That Somebody Single-handedly Dropped His Name At INEC Against The Decision Of NWC, This Is Another Illegality. I Am  Surprised To Still Find Oyegun At The Helm  Of Affairs Of  The APC Because, In  A  Civilized Society, This Man Ought To Have Resigned, He Has No Business Being The Chairman Anymore.

The  Alleged Fraud That Was Perpetrated In Ondo Was  Said To Have Been Perfected By The National Body. A Candidate That Was Not Popular Was Picked Above Favorite Aspirants In The Election. I Was Sure Of Over 800 Delegates Before The Election But They Went Ahead By Disenfranchising My Delegates By Removing Their Names And Replacing Them With Non-delegates.

This Is Even A  Bigger Offence Than People Stealing Billions Of Naira, Stealing Somebody Mandate Through Fraudulent   Means And Giving Their Votes To An Unqualified Aspirant. These Are The Issues We Need To Correct And  One Of The Reasons We Are In This Mess Today In Nigeria Is Because The PDP Believed In Rigging From The Primary To The General Elections, But We Want To Put A Stop To This During Buhari’s Administration, Especially As Mr. President Is Known To Be An Honest Man, A Man Of Integrity Who Is Determined To Flush Out Corruption In This Country.

The NWC Members Seem To Have Shut The Door Against Your Aspiration By Saying There Is No Going Back On Akeredolu…

The NWC Are Not The People Of Ondo. Though They Are The Organs Of The Party, And  The Organs Must Listen To What The People Are Saying. This Is Not A Military Regime But A Democratic Administration; They Must Learn How To Be Democratic.

In Specific Terms, Are You Asking EFCC To Investigate This Particular Matter?

Yes. I Thought The Perpetrators Of The Alleged Fraud Should Have Been Arrested By Now. I Thought Oyegun And His Group, If They Knew Nothing About The Padded Delegates List In Ondo, Should Fish Out Those Behind The  Padding. It Is An Embarrassment To Buhari’s Government And To A Party That Is  Known For Fighting Corruption And We Now Found Out This Fraud Within The Same Party, This Is A Disgrace.

Talking  About You Still Having Two Options After Exploring One, what Are The Two Other Options?

The Two Options Are Still Within The Party Machinery But I Don’t Want To Pre-empt The Results Of These Options. When We Get To That Stage, The Whole World Will Know.

On This Vexed Issue Of Fake Delegates Injected Into The List,   How Are  We Sure That You Are Not Even A Beneficiary?

He Who Pays The Piper Dictates The Tune. Those Who Put Them There Had  An Arrangement With Them Because They Had  Predetermined The Result. They’ve Been Discovered.  I Am So Confident That Anytime There’s A  Rerun, I Will Win. That’s One Of The Reasons They Are Afraid To Go Back To The Field. If These Perpetrators Had Been Arrested By EFCC, We Would Have Known The Truth.

It Was Alleged That Some People In The Presidency Are Behind The Padding Of The Delegates List To Favour A Particular Aspirant. What’s Your Take On This?

We Can’t Rule It Out But What I Know Is That Mr. President Will Not Have A  Hand In That Fraud. But I Believe They Cannot Perpetrate This Fraud Without The Connivance Of  Some  People At The Party Secretariat. That’s Why They Took Our Delegates List And Injected It With Their Own Delegates. I  Am Even Surprised That The Legal Adviser Did Not Tell Them The Implication Of What They Have Done?

Do You See Any Nexus In The Statement Credited To Akeredolu Before The Election That The Result Of The Election Will Shock Tinubu And The Development Thereafter?

The Result Of The Election Confirmed This. God Has A Way Of Exposing Some Things Ahead Of Time. Has He Not Shocked The Whole World And Not Only Tinubu  With The  Result?

Are You In The Face Of The Alleged Injustice And Corruption Asking For The Resignation Of The NWC Members?

Well, That Should Be Determined By The Leaders Of The Party, But, For Me And My People, My Mandate Should Be Returned. Again, Those Who Perpetrated The Alleged  Fraud By Bringing In Fake Delegate List Must Be Prosecuted So That It Will Serve As Deterrent To Others.

If Eventually The Leadership Of The Party Prevailed On You To Let Go, Would You Be Ready To Support Akeredolu?

I  Will Only Ask Them To Prevail On The People Of The State Because What Has Taken Place Is  a Slap On The People Of The State. So, I Stand By Them And I Stand With Them And  Prevailing On Me Is Immaterial.  Anyway I Want The Fraud In The Ondo APC Primary Investigated.

Are You Saying Akeredolu Candidacy Will  Not Fly Going By The Manner Of His Emergence?

Members Of The Party In The State Have Started Dumping The Party For PDP , That’s An Indication That The Candidate Picked By The Party Is Not Popular And Not Acceptable To Majority Of The APC Members In The State. Some People Have Joined The Action Alliance Too, We Don’t Need Crystal Ball To Know That, With Him As The APC Candidate, The Party Is Finished In The State. If We Are Lucky In The Governorship Election In The State, We Will Be Number Five Unless The Party Reverses Its Decision.


Ondo APC Primary: Akeredolu Made Good His Danger To Surprise Tinubu – Abraham

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His Threat To Shock Tinubu – Abraham - Ondo APC Number One: Akeredolu Made Good

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