Lending A Helping Hand - Ali Baba Writes On


Lending A Helping Hand - Ali Baba Writes On read The relaxation Of What He Wrote beneath... "What assist Do They Require. bcus u could be supporting someone Who Doesnt want your assistance. u may additionally find a lady appealing and Make Her your pleasant pal. but Tactically Failing to say your aim. you will Be A first-class guy before u know it. there may be A popular story that Speaks Of a guy that Went To Borrow A Royal r

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Ali Baba writes on lending a helping hand

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Read The Rest Of What He Wrote Below...
"What Help Do They Require. Because You Could Be Helping Someone Who Doesnt Need Your Assistance. You May Find A Lady Attractive And Make Her Your Best Friend. But Tactically Failing To Mention Your Intention. You Will Be A Best Man Before You Know It.
There Is A Popular Story That Speaks Of A Man That Went To Borrow A Royal Robe To Wear For A Special Occasion, When He Got There, He Met The Family Feasting. He Was Invited And He Joined In. Then Another Man Came. He Too Was Invited, But He Told The Head Of The Home That What Brought Him Was More Important. The Head Of The Family Excused Himself And Had A Private Chat With Him. It Was After The Man Had Collected The Royal Robe That He Now Joined The Feast. It Was At That Point That The First Person Woke Up To His Need. In That Light, Is The Benefactor Supposed To Know The Needs Of The Person Who Needed Help? Maybe The Story Of The Good Samaritan Has Messed Up Our Rational Processing Of The Need/help Dynamics. So If You Need Help, I Must Have A Reason To Help. Could Be Because OGB Others Who You Can Help After You Are Helped, Or Because I Was Helped Like You, Or I See Potentials In You, Or Someone Referred You,... Wetin I Know SEF? Shebi I Be Comedian?

Ali Baba Writes On Lending A Supporting Hand

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Lending A Helping Hand - Ali Baba Writes On

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