Look At This Bloody Illiterates Ruling Our Country!. And Hon

look at this bloody illiterates ruling our country!. And honestly they are not to blame because we are the ones that are voting for them and keeping them in power. They have a lot to learn from other countries like the US. This will never happen there! at least if they disagree on anything, each one will speak before the other. Look at the rubbish that they are doing here! After they will be buying houses overseas, Having foreign accounts and stealing from the states treasury. that is why I can never live in naija. Haters and people who dont agree with me..keep your comments to urself!

Comment On: Video: How Nigerian governors voted at Nigerian Governors' forum

video: how nigerian governors voted at nigerian governors' forum A raw video obtained by some Reporters shows the real voting and counting of votes by Nigerian governors at the recently concluded Nigerian Governors Forum in Abuja. Please watch......

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