What Then Is Bringing This Drama? Should'nt Jang Go And Face

What then is bringing this drama? Should'nt Jang go and face the crises in his state and PAY the Civil servants their salaries instead of claiming what he didnt win? Does he not have shame? Whatever happened to priorities i can not explain. Jang did not win. Just like he was imposed on plateau people after a failed first tenure with nothing to show but a tarred road that has grass growing on it, PDP wants to impose him here. It is a shame that at his age he doesnt know where his mates are and what they are doing to keep a good name. Shameless old man.

Comment On: Video: How Nigerian governors voted at Nigerian Governors' forum

video: how nigerian governors voted at nigerian governors' forum A raw video obtained by some Reporters shows the real voting and counting of votes by Nigerian governors at the recently concluded Nigerian Governors Forum in Abuja. Please watch......

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