No Value For Life In Nigeria...hatred For One Another On D I

No value for life in Nigeria...hatred for one another on d increase, men with the heart of beast. why not beat him up and then hand him over to the Law enforcement Agency. This madness is actually taking over our whole being, that at any slightest provocation, life is brutally taken. Am sorry 4 my country. Naija- a rotten rose!

Comment On: University of Calabar Student Killed over alleged phone theft

university of calabar student killed over alleged phone theft A SUS-PECTED phone snatcher said to be an undergraduate of the University of Calabar, was killed by a mob at about 9 p.m, Wednesday, for allegedly snatching a phone and a ladys handbag. The undergraduate said to be operating with someone at large was alleged to have boarded a taxi at Marian ...

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