The Advise That Would Save The Lives Of Millions Is What You

The advise that would save the lives of millions is what you regard as devil's advise..So, your modern plan is to go to another unnecessary war, only to come back later to blame us again..If Nigeria want to sink, let it sink, but certainly without us. We have already planned ahead for any eventuality before 2015.. Our worries are you parasites, that remained a thorn in our flesh.

Comment On: More 20 policemen Killed in Nasarrawa by Boko Haram insurgents

more 20 policemen killed in nasarrawa by boko haram insurgents Forty eight hours after more than twenty police men were killed in Bama, Borno State by suspected Boko Haram insurgents, Governor Tanko Al Makura of Nassarawa State disclosed yesterday that another twenty policemen were killed last Tuesday in Nassarawa state by a militia group, known as Omb...

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