To All Ya Out There Tryna Form Swimming Things When U G To T

To all ya out there tryna form swimming things when u g to the beach by copying what they see on bay watch and what not, y'all better stay on the sand when u go to the beach, that shit drowns even professional swimmers.
Also, most of our beaches in 9ja dont even have well trained stand-by life guards incase of an emergency, no boat, nothing. In all the times i have gone to the beach, madness hasnt entered my head up to the extent that i would dare venture to where the water would reach my ankle.. ankle level is even rough play in my books..Even the sight, sound and might of that ocean scares the crap outta me.. Wether he drowned or committed suicide, may his soul RIP.
But i believe he drowned, if he really wanted to commit suicide, he need not go all the way to Elegushi when he cuda just stopped at 3rd mainland to do the deed. Ya know what i mean?

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covenant university student, ndubuisi brown, drowns The initial report I got from a few of his friends was that he committed suicide over the weekend but that has been refuted by other students of Covenant University where Ndubuisi Brown was a student. They all say he drowned at Elegushi or Takwa Bay Beach over the weekend. Ndubuisi was a st...

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