People Be Getting Things Mixed Up Here. It Aiin About Not Kn

People be getting things mixed up here. It aiin about not knowing the fees before entry. Its about d outrageous yearly increase. I graduated from there recently; paid less than 450geez on entry but these fees crept_up till I left the 4 walls to about 850 . You ask why? There is absolutely no answer. Big_buildings - YES! Buh these folks aren't living better lives that when we waz there.

Comment On: Babcock University Students protest over release of school fees for next session.

babcock university students protest  over release of  school fees for next session. Well, they are not protesting in school or complaining to their school administration...they are protesting via the media. A few students from the school have sent me mails complaining about the exorbitant fees they are being made to pay to get an education. The university just released the ...

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