My Name Is Sarah My Be Love Stop Doing Seen Let Cry To God .

My name is sarah my be love stop doing seen let cry to god . 1678 people died because of ebola sickness if you are life thank god and let pray pray you see how you are beautiful god make you like that so give god a prays worship god ..... you are a beautiful girl what about if god give u ebola to do you gonna fight with god because he give you ebola please you are so beautiful girl i don't wont to lost you so give god a place in your heart amen

Comment On: Nigerian Actress Yvonne Jegede In Bre*st Surgery Scandal (See Photos)

nigerian actress yvonne jegede in bre*st surgery scandal (see photos) Since her return from the Republic of Cyprus, Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede has landed in a messy bre*st surgery scandal.The actress recently travelled to the aforementioned country to further her education. On coming back to Nigeria, she became a totally different individual.The once shy an...

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