Let Me Tell U Young Man, TB JOSHUA Said No Matter How Close

let me tell u young man, TB JOSHUA said no matter how close a man is to Jesus, he can still be tempted, no matte how u condition yourself, u must be born again. the worst thing a guy or lady could do is to put your partner to test. she would not have accepted the relationship if it were to be another guy that toast her, is because it is u , that is because u used the same tactics u first used that made her tonne your girlfrnd. do not tempt your partner pls. it lead to disaster.

Comment On: Valentine Aftermath - Why are women so unfaithful? My girl is so cheap

valentine aftermath - why are women so unfaithful? my girl is so cheap But why are women like that? Why are women not faithful? Why? My girl friend is too cheap. To test her I opened another account on Facebook using my native names. I sent her request and we started chatting for some days without letting her know I was the one. I decided to test her faithfulness in th...

Find your passion and go for it #passion #work #stressed #love #loveyourself

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