My Take On This Is That God Would Made Our. Nigeria Polical,

my take on this is that God would made our. nigeria polical, leaders accountable for this and they shall not know peace in there life and there children's.please get me right am not saying if nigeria as country is okay we would not experience this act of taking our young girls abroad for a prostitute act but it won't be as higher as this

Comment On: Nigerian Pr*stitute Reveals - How we got Tricked And Trafficked to Italy for Pr*stitution

nigerian pr*stitute reveals - how we got tricked and trafficked to italy for pr*stitution Sad stories of Nigerian women who are being trafficked to Italy with promises that they would be working as nannies or in factories – but often end up working the streets as prostitutes.   Their plight has been highlighted by Paris-based photographer Elena Perlino, originally from Italy, wh...

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