I Am Jude. I Want To Testify How My Friend Rich, Help Me Int

i am jude. I want to testify how my friend Rich, help me into illuminati.i was very poor, i cant even feed my self. But immediatly i meet this my friend my life change. Look at me today i am rich and famous.If need his assistant u can contact him on this via email address(greatilluminatichurch666@gmail.com) or call +2348109190642

Comment On: Church Of Satan: Confession Of A Former Member

church of satan: confession of a former member I joined the church of Satan, I sacrificed a baby, I drank blood and so many other things, which I shouldnt have done. I also sold myself to the devil for thirty years. This confession summed up the story of a 29 year old businessman who in his quest to be rich joined four occult groups whe...

Find your passion and go for it #passion #work #stressed #love #loveyourself

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