It Is Only A Fool Who Travels With No Specific Destination O

it is only a fool who travels with no specific destination on d mind. Oau students are not fool! we shall all exert our whole weight against the spirit of inhumanity driving that village boy called omole Who fails to learn how to walk before runing. Increament in sch fee should be in gradual steps of reasonably affordable amount and nt by a sudden, geometric jump at a time. This is d second most visibl symbol of wickedness in the history of oau, throwing parents off balance and forcing them to exchange fluid between their two nostrils. We are preparing our minds to do ANYTHING..... This is the voice of senator Bay

Comment On: OAU - Tuition Fee Increase was Necessary to keep up with the Standard - VC

oau - tuition fee increase was necessary to keep up with the standard - vc The Vice-Chancellor of OAU, Professor Bamitale Omole, has said that the increase in tuition fee was in effort to meet up to the current economic realities in the country. In his words, “considering the fact that the cost of providing education has risen nationwide and inflation has eaten deep i...

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