What D President Of Nigeria Said In His Quotes Is Quite Cool

What d president of Nigeria said in his quotes is quite cool buh not really enticing because every country has her own problem unsolved. So u don't expect them to forsake theirs by being a sister's keeper. Some countries has rebels buh they can't act because they don't have reasons to and even though they do have, they can be controlled. Buh in d case of Nigeria, they are uncontrollable because there are bad eggs in both their government and armed forces.

Comment On: President Jonathan - I will visit Chibok but does that solve the problem?

president jonathan - i will visit chibok but does that solve the problem? At a press conference for the Regional Security Summit that held in France today, President Jonathan explained why he hasn't visited the Chibok community, the school or parents of the missing girls... "The school is owned by the State Government but it is the commitment of the Federal governm...

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