Tinubu Should Stop Intruding Into The Affairs Of Ekiti...if

Tinubu should stop intruding into the affairs of Ekiti...if he wants to roast anybody he should go to Iragbiji in Osun state;his hometown.Whoever wins the election in Ekiti is our brother.Ekiti is one and we don't want anybody of Tinubu nature to come and disorganise us.TOPE ORIOLA OYESANYA

Comment On: Tinubu — the only way PDP can win election is through rigging

tinubu — the only way pdp can win election is through rigging A national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, has said the Peoples Democratic Party can only win the Ekiti governorship election by rigging. He added that the PDP was aware that it could only win the state by manipulating the election because the party had not presented an alte...

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