Lmao. Mine Was Almost The Same. First, I Saw A Missed Call F

Lmao. Mine was almost the same. First, i saw a missed call from MTN and I was like, Why is emptyhen calling me?

Minutes later, i got a message from MTN N, it says, "Hello Oladoja, please read the next message and follow the instructions". I was like "Thank God o". I must have won something for emptyhen to address me by my surname. So i anxiously waited for the next message.

After about 30mins, i received a message from MTN N. It says ' Congratulations 08068******, you just won emptyhen's 2,000,000'. At this point, my heart leapt for joy but the preceeding lines got me annoyed. It continued, " Text Ok to 7070 to claim it now. 100/day".

Comment On: MTN FRAUD: MTN Defrauded me and took my hard earn money

mtn fraud: mtn defrauded me and took my hard earn money No matter how you people rephrase this text and send it to me, I would not fall victim to mtn fraudulent activities .Initially it was "few steps away from receiving your N2,000,000 reward".... I kept quiet...then I checked my balance and saw "you would not receive your N2,000,000 reward if you dont ...

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