Source Determines Resource Just Like The Quality Of A Tree D

Source determines resource just like the quality of a tree determines the quality of the fruit it bears. Prophet TB Joshua is a true Prophet and Man-of-God; the fruits he bear are consistent with the scriptural check list. Even the myriad controversy, though unfounded, trailing his exploits further reinforces his unity with the Holy Spirit. Like Jesus, he's humble, compassionate, bold, wise, and principled. Above all, all his prophecies have come to pass. So men can say whatever they like, after all talk is cheap. But we must bear in mind that we all shall be held accountable for our utterances. Personally, I'm not a member of his Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), I am a core Catholic; but I believe in the Prophet and his teachings, for they are consistent with the dictates of my bible and the articles of faith I hold sacred. If half of our so-called Men-of-God could be half as committed, compassionate, humble, and principled as Prophet TB Joshua, what a wonderful place Nigeria would be!

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prophet tb joshua  - when are you buying  the private jet? Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all Nations spoke with Bosede Olusola-Obasa on myriads of controversies surrounding his person and ministry People say that you are very humble despite your popularity, how do you achieve this? If you have passed through what I have p...

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