He Is One Of The Actors My Rock Hard Dad Create Time To Watc

He is one of the actors my rock hard dad create time to watch his movie every Sunday after Sunday service and have a collection of his movie like a treasure,and this is a man who watch movie once in a wk.I love olu and everything about him including his wife joke.Dad if you come across this don’t get mad pls,your baby Red loves you and mom more okay.

Comment On: Olu Jacobs Nigerian Actor Gets Statue Of Honour

olu jacobs nigerian actor gets statue of honour For his timeless contribution to the Nigerian movie industry, veteran Nollywood actor Olu Jacobs has been honoured with a bronze statue of himself.Popularly called the grandfather of Nollywood, the actor has achieved great feats in Nollywood beyond the personal standard he originally set for him...

Find your passion and go for it #passion #work #stressed #love #loveyourself

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