When Is All These Idiots Gonna Stop This Illicit Trade,despi

When is all these idiots gonna stop this illicit trade,despite all the arrest being made on daily basis.I think is high time NDLEA stop celebrating arresting the carrier they should go after the supplier who always recruit all these guilible guys.Untill they smash all these syndicate the war on drug trafficking will never be won,if you arrest one they will count their loses and move on to the next innocent victim whom they will promise heaven and earth with assurance that they will never be caught.

Comment On: Undergraduate ingests liquid cocaine packed inside condoms

undergraduate ingests liquid cocaine packed inside condoms A 32-year-old undergraduate, Chizoba Nwabuwa, has been arrested by officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency for ingesting 25 wraps of male condoms filled with cocaine. In a statement by the NDLEA’s Head of Public Affiars, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, the agency said the arrest was ...

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