I Think That Boy For The First Time Of His Life Saw Commando

I think that boy for the first time of his life saw Commando by anold shwazenniga,while excaping from a moving place throgh the tire compactpment,and decided to give it a try.and it worked for him. Lol the boy should be cautioned and be released to his family. And Government should look into the security lapses in the contry. God Bless Nigeria.

Comment On: SSS got the mother of the boy found under Arik plane tyre hole

sss got the mother of the boy found under arik plane tyre hole According to a report by Punch, the mother of the 14-year-old boy who successfully flew in the tyre compartment a Lagos-bound Arik flight from Benin airport on Saturday morning, was yesterday Monday August 26th grilled for hours by a combined team of security operatives from the Department of State...

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