Lol..aren't U Displayn Ur Would Be Husbands Property Already

Lol..aren't u displayn ur would be husbands property already? Xo wahs d nid closn it up wen u marid?

Comment On: When I Am Older & Married…I Won’t Expose My Body (My Husband’s Property) – Emma Nyra

when i am older & married…i won’t expose my body (my husband’s property) – emma nyra “When it comes to fashion, I’m a person who isn’t scared to take risk. I tell people you won’t be young forever, so I don’t mind taking risk and showing off a little skin. When I’m older and married I won’t even want to allow myself show off my husband’s property but right now, I’...

Find your passion and go for it #passion #work #stressed #love #loveyourself

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