Addressing His Nation, He Said, Fellow Nigerians, We Are Her

Addressing his nation, he said, Fellow Nigerians, we are here because of the love we see in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. We need love to come together as a nation. Where there is love, there is no killing, stealing or destruction. Where there is love, there is no segregation. Love is the solution to our problems in Nigeria. Nigeria is great and will be greater soon, it doesn't matter what has happened or what the cancaworn and caterpilar has eaten. We are different in thesame way Mendeleeves periodic table has different elements, so that they can serve different chemical purpose and be dynamic for greatness. A building is useless if all the 7 rooms are bathrooms (thesame). If we must use the plus (+) and the multiplication (x) signs of increasing and growing in our national life, we must all understand that one single line cannot make it. Two line must join together facing different directions to multiply and add significantly as an entity called Nigeria. Whether you are diagonal, vertical or horizontal, you are important to Nigeria. What we need now apart from peace, is to recognize that Nigeria cannot be where it should be without nationalistic citizens united with one purpose and LOVE in achieving the goals of our divine destiny. Under a peaceful atmosphere of LOVE and peace, we can study together in various institutes, work together in various enterprises, ministries and establisments with the sole purpose of the principle of solution to make Nigeria the trigger of the gun that she symbolize. I feel challenged by the AYF for fulfilling a very important message by their visit and honour done to a great prophet we have not had since the ADs as the words of God through prophet Isaiah said: I was found by those who did not seek Me; I was made manifest to those who did not ask for Me. God bless Arewa Youth Forum (AYF) God bless the united entity of Nigeria Arise O Compatriots! LET LOVE LEAD!


t.b. joshua receives ambassador of peace award T.B. JOSHUA RECEIVES AMBASSADOR OF PEACE AWARDThe Arewa Youth Form, Northern Nigeria came to The SCOAN to present Prophet T.B. Joshua with a prestigious merit award as an Ambassador of Peace. National Director of Public Affairs, Arewa Youth Forum, Benue, Nigeria, Bello Abdulhamid, said they came to...

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